Organic Matcha 80g

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Ingredients: 100% organic green tea
Product weight: 80g
Expiration date: 08.2023

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Health benefits

It is worth noting that matcha, as it is powdered, is fully absorbed during the infusion. When we burn green tea leaves, they stay in the teapot and the substances do not penetrate fully into the water.


It is believed that matcha is 10 times stronger than traditional green tea infusions.

That means that one cup of coffee corresponds to about ten cups of brewed leaf tea (the brew causes only about 10% of the nutrients in the dried water to be released into the water).

  Matcha also allows you to maintain high mental acuity and concentration, and to maintain perfect calm. In the same sense, it stimulates and silences. Moreover, it is a rich source of antioxidants, thus reducing the signs of skin aging, allowing it to firmly retain its firmness and color. In addition, matcha has a slimming effect - it reduces appetite and accelerates metabolism, as well as alkalizing the body (acidification of the body makes it difficult to fight overweight), so both directly and indirectly accelerates fat burning. It does not provide any calories in itself.

Matcha is a source of not only antioxidants, but also vitamins. The unique composition of the substances contained in it assists the immune system, so its drinking is an excellent element in the prevention of many infections. It also regulates blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. It also detoxifies the body and does not burden the liver and also helps with diarrhea. It reduces unpleasant symptoms and replenishes the dehydrated body with essential nutrients.

Interestingly, matcha has naturally associated fluoride (not artificially bound, as in toothpaste), so its regular drinking improves the condition of the teeth - prevents tooth decay, appears unassuming and kills bacteria in the mouth.

How to use

    Although few have access to original Japanese sweets, desserts with matcha can be found on every Polish table. For example, to prepare aromatic green cookies, you just need to make a brittle or buttered cake according to the typical recipe, adding to it a tea powder. We can also add it to pancakes, biscuits, waffles, pasta or noodles, as well as to cake creams. For example, homemade ice-cream and fruity yogurt cocktails with matcha are also a great refreshing taste.

How to make matcha?

- pour 0.5 teaspoon into the bowl
- pour 75 ml of boiled water at about 70-80 degrees
- "whisk" the drink for about half a minute with a whisk, spoon or milk frother
- In Japan, we often drink a milk match, so we recommend to add milk.

PS. Milk frother is our home-made patent :) According to us, it works better than spoon.

If the proposed proportion is too intense, you should adjust the amount of powder to be applied, as you like.