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Organic Genmaicha Rice Tea 50g

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Ingredients: 100% organic green tea
Product weight: 50g
Expiration date: 05.2019

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Health benefits

Genmaicha green tea is Japanese tea, but is now also produced in China. Mai - means rice, while the gene is "roasted, black, dark". Genmaicha's green tea is usually eaten for meals or after meals. This tea increases appetite.

Genmaicha is quite low in caffeine, because it contains a lot of rice (the same tea leaves are less). Not very stimulating and can be drunk at night.

The Genmaicha Japan Style brew is mild with a distinctive aftertaste of roasted rice. Thanks to the seeds of roasted rice, the brew is a unique taste and aroma. The brew is referred to as exceptionally fresh and aromatic.


How to use

Genmaicha tea should be boiled for no more than 3 minutes with water cooled to 80 degrees. Steamed under appropriate conditions has its unique, unique flavor and aroma.