About company

We have been in the market since 1992. Our goal is to provide healthy products of Chinese origin.
We are a manufacturer of To-Fu, soy sprouts and mung bean. Production takes place in Mysiadle near Piaseczno.
In addition, we import healthy and mostly organic products from China. By buying our products you can be assured of their quality, because we pay special attention to this.
Solida Food products are sold successfully in networks such as Carrefour, Peter and Paul, Kitchen World. In addition, working with the largest food wholesalers, our offer is available in many health food stores and organic stores throughout Poland. The recipients of our products are also Chinese, Korean, Japanese, sushi-bars and processed food manufacturers.
If you have a healthy food or organic store in your area, check our product availability or ask your dealer to purchase. Perhaps it is thanks to you our offer will be available near you!