Organic Sencha 70g

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Ingredients: 100% organic green tea
Product weight: 70g
Expiration date: 05.2022

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Health benefits

Sencha is often much stronger than most green teas, and the high content of caffeine makes it a great nutritional drink. Vitamins, antioxidants and flavonoids, in turn, are certainly one of the reasons that every aged Japanese, asked for the secret of long life, without any doubt points to this rich, aromatic tea.

Sencha is a high quality green tea that does not undergo fermentation. Immediately after breaking and collecting the selected leaves, it is subjected to a drying process. This keeps many valuable ingredients such as polyphenols, which naturally slow down the aging process. In addition, they contain micronutrients: calcium, fluorine, iron, sodium and zinc potassium, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, K and tein and numerous essential oils.

The catechins and tannins contained in Sencha Tea have strong antioxidant properties, which sweep away free radicals that contribute to the development of cancer. Polyphenols, which include catechins, also protect our body from many diseases.

Sencha has many medicinal properties. It lowers cholesterol, helps fight overweight and strengthens bones. It has a mild stimulatory effect on the circulatory system and prevents narrowing of the blood vessels. It is recommended for diabetics because it contains bitterness which prevents blood levels from rising, regulates bile secretion, stimulates appetite and facilitates digestion, while increasing fat reduction processes. Polyphenols present in tea accelerate the conversion of fat into energy, which is associated with systematic weight loss. Sencha is therefore recommended for overweight people.

How to use

Sencha tea should be boiled for no more than 3 minutes with water cooled to 80 degrees. Steamed under appropriate conditions has its unique, unique flavor and aroma.