Organic Natto Soybeans 400g

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Organic Natto Soybeans.

Ingredients: 100% organic natto soybeans
Product weight: 400g
Expiration date: up to 12 months

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Soya natto is one of the healthiest products in the world. Effect on healthy appearance and longer life has been proven. It is the best absorbable form of soy. The most popular form of administration is soy after the fermentation process.

Health benefits

     Soya natto is a good source of phytohormones, which is why it is especially recommended for women during menopause or menopause. It has probiotics that improve the functioning of the whole organism, including complement the intestinal bacterial flora, remove any toxic substances that often cause the formation of cancer cells. In addition, it regulates intestinal function, helps with constipation and supports normal humidity and volume of stool. What's more, it increases immunity, improves metabolism and also lowers weight. Soya natto has large amounts of vitamin K2, which counteracts the loss of bone density and protects against osteoporosis.

     Bacillus Natto bacteria produce proteins that help lower elevated blood pressure, elevated sugar levels and bad cholesterol levels. A study by Japanese scientists has shown that monthly consumption of soy natto results in a decrease in cholesterol by about 10%. In addition, the presence of saponin affects the slowdown of the body's aging process, and lecithin improves memory and concentration.

     Soya natto prevents poisoning caused by both smoking and alcohol. It improves the condition of hair and skin, counteracts the signs of skin aging. Natto counteracts prostate cancer and its hypertrophy. Summing up, the properties of soy natto can not be overestimated!

Country of origin: China

How to use

    Soak natto in water overnight (about 10 hours) before the planned consumption. You can properly season and eat as a quick snack (like porridge or muesli) or add to dishes and desserts. In China, they usually add it to the soup.

     Soy natto in the form of dry balls is a tastier alternative to the wet form, which is slimy like soaked linseed.